Triple Diamond Slot Review

In this Triple Diamond slot review, we delve into a classic slot experience brought to life by IGT. The game, a sequel to the well-known Double Diamond slot, features a straightforward 3x3 grid with 9 pay lines. Released on April 10, 2015, Triple Diamond offers players a nostalgic throwback with its classic-looking graphics and symbols, while still promising a chance to win big with a maximum payout of x1199 per spin. The slot is designed to appeal to both fans of traditional slot machines and those seeking significant wins, thanks to its simple gameplay and the inclusion of Multiplier Wilds.

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Slot Overview: A Nostalgic Journey with Triple Diamond

Embarking on a nostalgic journey back to the essence of traditional slot gaming, Triple Diamond emerges as a testament to classic design intertwined with the prospect of lucrative wins. Released on April 10, 2015, by the renowned slot provider IGT, this game revives the vintage charm of its predecessor, Double Diamond, while offering its own unique spin.

Triple Diamond is masterfully designed to evoke the classic style of old-school slot machines, featuring a straightforward 3x3 grid that houses 9 pay lines. The design ethos of the game is simplicity merged with elegance, showcasing a palette of deep purples and blacks that underscore the diamond motif running throughout the game. This minimalist approach extends to the symbols on the reels, which include the iconic bars, lucky sevens, and the Triple Diamond logo itself.

The thematic heart of Triple Diamond lies in its homage to the mechanical slots of yesteryear, offering players a slice of casino history wrapped in a modern digital package. Despite its simplicity, the game does not skimp on the potential for significant wins, making it a compelling choice for both traditionalists and those new to slot gaming. With Triple Diamond, IGT successfully bridges the gap between the past and present, crafting a slot experience that is both familiar and refreshingly straightforward.

Triple Diamond Game

Starting the game is as simple as selecting your bet size, which ranges from a minimum of £0.25 to a maximum of £900 per spin. This wide betting range accommodates all types of players, from those who play cautiously to the high rollers looking for big wins. Once the bet is placed, hitting the spin button sets the reels in motion, with the anticipation building as they come to a gradual stop, revealing potential winning combinations.

The Triple Diamond logo acts as the Wild symbol, playing a pivotal role in the game's strategy. Not only does it substitute for other symbols to form winning combinations, but it also comes with multipliers to amplify wins. Landing a single Triple Diamond logo on the pay line rewards with a 2x multiplier, while two logos significantly boost this to a 10x multiplier of the bet per line. Achieving three Triple Diamond logos on a pay line is the ultimate goal, rewarding players with the game's maximum payout of x1199 their line bet.

While Triple Diamond eschews complex bonus features and free spins common in modern slots, its charm lies in the purity of its gameplay. The focus on Multiplier Wilds as the primary path to winning big ensures that the game remains engaging and rewarding, staying true to the ethos of classic slot gaming.

Gameplay Mechanics: Unraveling the Elegance of Simplicity

Triple Diamond strips back the complexities often found in contemporary slots to focus on straightforward, engaging gameplay that harkens back to the roots of slot gaming. Its mechanics are designed to be easily understood, yet offer enough depth to keep players engaged over time.


The symbols in Triple Diamond are a nod to the classic slot machines that have graced casino floors for decades. These include:

  • Triple Diamond Logo: Acts as a wild and the most lucrative symbol, offering multipliers.
  • Sevens (7s): Traditional symbols representing high value.
  • Bars: In single, double, and triple variants, each with differing values.
  • Any Bar: A combination of different bar symbols also results in a win, though less than matching bars.

These symbols combine to create a simple yet effective array of options for forming winning combinations, sticking to the classic slot formula.

Free Spin Bonus

Triple Diamond remains faithful to the essence of classic slot machines by not including a Free Spin Bonus feature. Its gameplay is focused around the spinning of reels and the strategic use of Wild symbols to amplify wins rather than relying on free spins or elaborate bonus rounds. This decision to omit free spins is in keeping with the game’s minimalist ethos, providing a pure and uninterrupted slot experience.

Max/Min Bet

Triple Diamond accommodates a wide range of players through its flexible betting options. The minimum bet required to spin the reels is set at £0.25, making it accessible for those who prefer to wager conservatively. On the other end of the spectrum, the game caters to high rollers by allowing a maximum bet of £900 per spin. This substantial betting range ensures that both casual players and those looking to make significant wagers can enjoy the game to its fullest.

Feature Description
Min Bet £0.25
Max Bet £900
Wild Symbol Triple Diamond Logo
Symbol Types 7s, Bars (single, double, triple), Any Bar combination

Triple Diamond’s gameplay mechanics are a testament to the timeless appeal of slot machines. Its adherence to a classic design philosophy, eschewing the complexity of modern features for a straightforward, rewarding experience, ensures its place in the hearts of traditional slot enthusiasts.

RTP, Variance, and Winning Potential: The Core of Triple Diamond's Charm

Within the realm of Triple Diamond, the game's underlying mechanics reveal a harmonious blend of tradition and reward, encapsulated through its RTP, variance, and the winning potential it harbors. With an RTP (Return to Player) set at an impressive 97.35%, Triple Diamond stands out as a beacon for those seeking games with a higher probability of return over the long term. This figure is notably above the industry average, making it an attractive proposition for players who value the balance between risk and reward.

The game's variance, or volatility, is another critical aspect that shapes the player experience. While specific details on the variance level for Triple Diamond are not explicitly stated, the gameplay dynamics suggest a model that leans towards medium variance. This balance ensures that players can expect a mix of smaller, more frequent wins, and the occasional larger payout. It strikes a comfortable middle ground, providing a steady gameplay experience without the extreme highs and lows of higher variance slots.

The winning potential in Triple Diamond is most vividly illustrated through its maximum payout, allowing players to win up to 1199 times their line bet. This potential, combined with the game's RTP and variance, crafts a compelling narrative of what players can expect - a game that respects the tradition of slot gaming while offering the modern player a fair chance at significant wins. The essence of Triple Diamond's appeal lies not just in its nod to the past, but in its ability to provide a rewarding experience in the present.

Tips and Strategies: Mastering the Art of Triple Diamond

Engaging with Triple Diamond demands more than a mere push of the spin button; it invites players into the strategic depth of classic slot play. Here are some tips and strategies to navigate the shimmering reels of this vintage-inspired game effectively:

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Paytable: Before diving into the game, take a moment to understand the paytable. Knowing the value of each symbol and how the Multiplier Wilds work can significantly influence your betting strategy.

  2. Manage Your Bankroll: With its wide betting range (£0.25 to £900), Triple Diamond can accommodate various playing styles. However, prudent bankroll management is key. Start with smaller bets and gradually increase them as you get more comfortable with the game dynamics.

  3. Aim for the Multiplier Wilds: The Triple Diamond logo is not just a symbol of prestige; it's your ticket to multiplying wins. Focus on landing these symbols, as even a single Wild can dramatically increase your payout.

  4. Play for the Long Haul: Given its RTP and variance, Triple Diamond is designed for extended play sessions. Patience is a virtue here, as the game's true potential unfolds over time, rewarding those who stick around to uncover its treasures.

By embracing these strategies, players can refine their approach to Triple Diamond, balancing the thrill of the game with thoughtful play to maximize their winning potential.

High RTP of 97.35%
Simple, user-friendly gameplay ideal for beginners and traditionalists
Wide betting range (£0.25 to £900) caters to all types of players
Multiplier Wilds offer significant win potential
Lack of Free Spins or bonus rounds might deter some players
Graphics and theme may seem outdated to fans of modern video slots
Medium variance may not suit players looking for high-risk, high-reward games
Limited appeal for those who prefer slots with intricate features and narratives

Wrapping Up Triple Diamond

Triple Diamond by IGT stands as a shining example of timeless slot game design, blending the simplicity of classic slots with the excitement of potential big wins. Its high RTP of 97.35% and the inclusion of Multiplier Wilds offer players a compelling reason to spin the reels, despite the absence of modern features like Free Spins and intricate bonus rounds. This game caters to a broad spectrum of players, from those who reminisce about the traditional slot experience to newcomers seeking straightforward gameplay. Triple Diamond's wide betting range further ensures that it is accessible to all, from cautious bettors to high rollers. In essence, Triple Diamond captures the essence of slot gaming at its most fundamental, providing a pure and enjoyable gaming experience that stands the test of time.


What is the RTP of Triple Diamond?
The RTP (Return to Player) for Triple Diamond is 97.35%, which is above the industry average, offering players a higher chance of receiving a return over time.
Can I play Triple Diamond on mobile devices?
Yes, Triple Diamond is fully optimized for mobile play. It runs smoothly on Android devices, iPhones, and iPads, allowing you to enjoy the game without the need for any downloads.
What is the maximum win in Triple Diamond?
The maximum win in Triple Diamond is 1199 times your line bet. This win is achievable by lining up three Triple Diamond symbols on any of the game's 9 pay lines.
Does Triple Diamond have a Free Spins feature?
No, Triple Diamond does not include a Free Spins feature. The game focuses on traditional slot mechanics, emphasizing straightforward gameplay with Multiplier Wilds as the main feature.
How does the Multiplier Wild work in Triple Diamond?
The Triple Diamond logo acts as a Multiplier Wild. It can substitute for other symbols to help form winning combinations and comes with multipliers. A single Wild multiplies the win by 2x, and two Wilds will multiply the win by 10x.
Is there a strategy to win in Triple Diamond?
While luck plays a significant role, a few strategies can enhance your playing experience. These include familiarizing yourself with the paytable, managing your bankroll wisely, aiming for Multiplier Wilds, and being prepared for a longer gameplay session to fully leverage the game's RTP and variance.
What makes Triple Diamond unique compared to other slots?
Triple Diamond stands out due to its classic slot machine feel, high RTP, and simple yet engaging gameplay. Its focus on Multiplier Wilds instead of modern features like Free Spins and bonus rounds appeals to fans of traditional slots.