Rise of Merlin Slot Review

The "Rise of Merlin" slot, crafted by Play’n GO, is a magical journey into the world of the legendary wizard Merlin.

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Rise of Merlin Attributes

Rise of Merlin is a magical-themed online slot from renowned game developer Play'n GO. The game brings to life the legend of Merlin, the great wizard from Arthurian lore. Play'n GO is known for producing high-quality slots with great graphics and features.

Merlin's Tale: Slot Overview

The mystical visual design immediately transports players into Merlin's world with flickering blue lights and magical symbols like cauldrons and spellbooks.

The high-definition graphics are visually striking, bringing the legend of Merlin to life on the reels. An owl watching over the reels, wise old Merlin himself, and two ornate dragons are the main symbols.

The evocative fantasy music and ambient sounds add to the immersive experience, making you feel as though you've entered a magical realm. Flourishes of harps, sparkling tones, and echos complement the graphics.

Overall, the strong artistic direction, graphics and sounds work together to deliver an engaging first impression that matches the mystical theme. Rise of Merlin does a great job with its visual presentation to draw you into the slot right from the start.

Rise of Merlin Game

There are ten paylines to bet on. You can start your magical journey with as little as 0.10 or raise your stakes to a maximum of 100.00 per spin.

Merlin's Magical Gameplay Mechanics

Set against the backdrop of a mystical chamber, this game offers a captivating experience with its high-quality graphics and enchanting sound effects.


Dive into the reels and witness the magic of Merlin's world come alive. At the heart of the game are the iconic symbols of Merlin and the luminous crystal ball, which plays a dual role - acting as both a wild and a scatter. This mystical orb not only replaces other symbols to craft winning sequences but also unlocks the free spins feature when three or more make an appearance. Beyond these, the reels showcase magnificent dragons in vibrant shades of red and blue, accompanied by a sagacious owl, all of which promise generous payouts. Complementing the theme are the lower-value symbols, designed as metallic playing card icons, infusing the game with a hint of medieval elegance.

In essence, the "Rise of Merlin" slot offers players a chance to immerse themselves in a world of magic and mystery. The symbols play a crucial role in weaving the narrative, making every spin an enchanting adventure. Whether you're chasing after the elusive dragons or hoping for a glimpse of Merlin's crystal ball, every moment is filled with anticipation and thrill.

Free Spin Bonus

The "Rise of Merlin" slot offers an enchanting Free Spin Bonus feature, which is the highlight of the game and the key to unlocking Merlin's most potent spells. This feature is activated when three or more Crystal Ball Wild symbols, which also act as scatters, appear anywhere on the reels. Upon activation, players are awarded 8 free spins.

But the magic doesn't stop there. Before the free spins commence, a symbol is randomly chosen to act as an expanding symbol throughout the feature. Whenever this symbol appears during the free spins, it expands to cover the entire reel, increasing the chances of forming winning combinations. The true magic unfolds when players re-trigger the free spins by landing three or more Crystal Ball Wilds during the feature. Not only are an additional 8 spins awarded, but another symbol is also chosen to expand. This means players can have multiple expanding symbols, enhancing the potential for massive wins. With the possibility of re-triggering the feature up to 9 times, the Free Spin Bonus can lead to spellbinding rewards.

Max/Min Bet

The "Rise of Merlin" slot caters to both cautious players and high rollers with its flexible betting range. Players can adjust their bets to suit their preferences and budget. The minimum bet starts at a modest 0.10, making it accessible for those who prefer to tread lightly in Merlin's magical realm. On the other hand, for those who believe in the might of their spells and wish to harness the full power of Merlin's magic, the game allows a maximum bet of 100.00 per spin.

This wide betting range ensures that every player, regardless of their budget, can experience the magic and mystery of the game. Whether you're casting small spells with minimal bets or invoking powerful enchantments with the max bet, "Rise of Merlin" promises an immersive experience filled with potential rewards. Always remember to gamble responsibly and set your limits before diving into the world of magic and mystique.

RTP, Variance, and Winning Potential of Rise of Merlin

The Rise of Merlin slot, like all casino games, is defined not just by its captivating theme and features but also by its Return to Player (RTP), variance, and winning potential. These factors play a crucial role in determining the gameplay experience and the potential rewards a player can expect.

The RTP of Rise of Merlin is set at 94.51%. This percentage indicates the theoretical return to players over an extended period of play. In simpler terms, for every 100 units wagered on the game, players can expect a return of approximately 94.51 units in the long run. While this doesn't guarantee any immediate wins, it provides a general idea of the game's payout frequency and generosity.

Rise of Merlin boasts a high variance (or volatility). In slot gaming, variance refers to the risk associated with the game and the frequency and size of payouts. High variance slots, like Rise of Merlin, tend to deliver larger payouts, but these occur less frequently. This means players might experience longer dry spells without significant wins, but when the wins do hit, they can be substantial. Such slots appeal to players who have the patience and budget to weather the lean periods in anticipation of those big, exciting wins.

The winning potential of Rise of Merlin is impressive. Players have the opportunity to win up to 5,000 times their stake. This substantial multiplier, especially when combined with the game's features like the expanding symbols during free spins, can lead to significant rewards. For instance, with the maximum bet of 100.00, players stand a chance to pocket up to 500,000 in a single spin, especially during the free spins feature with multiple expanding symbols.

Merlin's Wisdom: Tips and Strategies

Navigating the magical realm of the Rise of Merlin slot requires not just luck but also a touch of strategy. Here are some tips and strategies to enhance your gameplay experience:

  • Understand the Game: Before diving into Merlin's world, familiarize yourself with the game's features, paytable, and mechanics. Play the demo version first to get a feel without risking real money.
  • Set a Budget: Given the high variance nature of the slot, it's essential to set a budget and stick to it. This ensures you play responsibly and don't chase losses.
  • Utilize Free Spins: The Free Spin Bonus is where the game's true potential lies. While it's based on luck, always aim to trigger this feature, as the expanding symbols can lead to substantial rewards.
  • Stay Patient: High variance slots can have longer dry spells. Stay patient and don't be tempted to increase your bet size drastically after a series of non-winning spins.
  • Understand RTP and Variance: A clear grasp of the game's RTP (94.51%) and high variance will set realistic expectations. Remember, slots are games of chance, and there's no guaranteed way to win.
  • Play for Fun: While winning is exhilarating, remember to play for entertainment. Enjoy the magical theme, graphics, and features, and consider any winnings as a bonus.

While no strategy guarantees a win in slots, being informed and playing responsibly can enhance your gaming experience and potentially increase your chances of conjuring up some magical wins.

The Bottom Line

Rise of Merlin is more than just a slot; it's a magical journey into the mystical realm of the legendary wizard, Merlin. With its enchanting graphics, captivating sound effects, and a plethora of features like the Free Spin Bonus with expanding symbols, this slot promises an immersive gaming experience. The game's high variance ensures that while wins might be spaced out, when they do occur, they can be truly spellbinding, especially with a potential payout of up to 5,000 times the stake. The Crystal Ball symbol, serving as both a wild and scatter, is the heart of the game, leading players into a world of free spins and expanding symbols.

For those who haven't yet ventured into Merlin's magical world, there's a realm of wonder waiting to be explored. Whether you're a seasoned slot enthusiast or a newcomer, Rise of Merlin offers a blend of excitement, thrill, and potential rewards. So, why wait? Dive in, let the magic of Merlin guide you, and who knows, you might just conjure up some enchanting wins!


5 x500
4 x100
3 x10
2 x1
5 x500
4 x100
3 x10
2 x1
5 x160
4 x30
3 x3
2 x0.5
5 x60
4 x8
3 x2
2 x0.5
5 x60
4 x8
3 x2
2 x0.5
5 x12
4 x3
3 x0.5
5 x12
4 x3
3 x0.5
5 x8
4 x2
3 x0.5
5 x8
4 x2
3 x0.5
5 x8
4 x2
3 x0.5


What is the RTP of the Rise of Merlin slot?
The "Rise of Merlin" slot boasts an RTP, or Return to Player percentage, of 94.51%. This figure represents the theoretical return players can expect over an extended period of gameplay. It's essential to note that this percentage is an average, so actual returns can vary in individual gaming sessions.
How many paylines does Rise of Merlin have?
The enchanting "Rise of Merlin" slot offers players 10 paylines. These paylines provide various opportunities for players to form winning combinations as they embark on their magical journey alongside the legendary wizard, Merlin.
Can I play Rise of Merlin on mobile devices?
Absolutely! "Rise of Merlin" is designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring players can dive into its magical realm on the go. Whether you're using an iOS, Android, or Windows mobile device, the game's graphics and features are optimized to provide a seamless and immersive gaming experience.
What is the significance of the Crystal Ball symbol in the game?
The Crystal Ball symbol in "Rise of Merlin" is a beacon of magic and mystery. Serving a dual purpose, it acts as both a wild and a scatter symbol. As a wild, it can substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations. As a scatter, landing three or more of these shimmering orbs anywhere on the reels can unlock the game's coveted Free Spin Bonus feature, leading players deeper into Merlin's enchanting world.
How do I trigger the Free Spin Bonus feature in Rise of Merlin?
To activate the Free Spin Bonus feature in "Rise of Merlin", players need to land three or more Crystal Ball symbols on the reels. Once triggered, players are awarded 8 free spins. Before the spins commence, a symbol is randomly chosen to act as an expanding symbol, enhancing the potential for bigger wins. The true magic unfolds when the feature is re-triggered, introducing additional expanding symbols and more free spins.
What are the minimum and maximum bets I can place in Rise of Merlin?
"Rise of Merlin" caters to a wide range of players with its flexible betting options. The minimum bet starts at a modest 0.10, allowing players to tread lightly in the magical realm. For those seeking to harness the full power of Merlin's spells, the game permits a maximum bet of 100.00 per spin, offering a chance for more significant rewards and an intensified gaming experience.
How does the expanding symbol feature work during the free spins round?
In "Rise of Merlin", once the Free Spin Bonus feature is activated, a symbol is randomly selected to become an expanding symbol. When this chosen symbol appears during the free spins, it expands to cover the entire reel, increasing the chances of forming lucrative winning combinations. If players are fortunate enough to re-trigger the free spins, an additional symbol is chosen to expand, further enhancing the potential for substantial rewards.
Is Rise of Merlin a high or low variance slot?
Rise of Merlin is classified as a high variance (or volatility) slot. This means that while payouts might occur less frequently compared to low variance slots, the potential rewards can be much larger. High variance slots like Rise of Merlin appeal to players who are willing to endure longer dry spells in anticipation of those big, exhilarating wins.
Are there any other special features or bonus rounds in Rise of Merlin?
Apart from the Free Spin Bonus feature with its expanding symbols, "Rise of Merlin" primarily focuses on delivering a captivating base game experience with its high-quality graphics and sound effects. The Crystal Ball symbol, which acts as both a wild and scatter, is central to the game's allure, but there aren't additional bonus rounds outside of the free spins.
Can I play Rise of Merlin for free before betting with real money?
Yes, many online casinos and gaming platforms offer a demo version of "Rise of Merlin". This allows players to experience the game's features, graphics, and mechanics without risking real money. It's an excellent way for players to familiarize themselves with the slot before diving into real-money gameplay.