IGT Slots

International Game Technology (IGT) is a dominant force in the slots world. As one of the largest gaming companies, their influence touches land-based casinos and online gambling sites worldwide. 

IGT pioneered computerized slot machines along with in-house progressives featuring life-changing jackpots. Today, IGT slot games have made the top list to a lot of player favorites. Their dedication to innovation changed the trajectory of slot technology. 

In this post, we’ll explore IGT’s history and contribution to slot design. We’ll highlight top-rated IGT slots you can play online or on casino floors, their most iconic creations, and where to find free IGT slot machines to play.

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About IGT

IGT formed from a 1990 merger between slot tech company A-1 Supply and digital gaming firm SIRCOMA. This pairing combined technical expertise with software prowess.

In the decades since, IGT cemented its status as a leading slots developer. Their groundbreaking products helped propel slots into the digital era.

Key innovations include introducing the first computerized slot machine and networked systems for monitoring slot performance. Their player tracking systems enabled targeted marketing and rewards programs.

IGT later developed one of the first proprietary digital slots in 1978, known as Player’s Edge. This paved the way for video slots as we know them today.

Other milestones include creating wide-area progressives that link slots across various casinos for giant jackpots. Branded games with major media franchises represented another industry first.

More recently, IGT added skill-based slots with variable difficulty and decision-making to attract new players. Their sustained impact on advancing slots technology solidifies IGT as a leader in the field.

Thanks to their contributions, players can now enjoy an immense variety of cutting-edge slots of entertainment unmatched in gaming history.

IGT Innovations

1. Computerized Slot Machines

The electromechanical slots of the 20th century limited gameplay possibilities with their fixed reels and basic features. IGT transformed slots into the digital era when they developed the first computerized slot machine, called SIRCOMA, in 1984.

Replacing gears and levers with an internal computer and video screen opened up a whole new realm of potential for slots.

Computerization enabled advanced graphics, bonus events, interactive elements, and expanding reels not physically possible on mechanical slots. IGT capitalized on this capability over the years to create incredibly diverse games.

2. Themed & Branded Slots

In the 1990s, IGT leveraged its computerized slot capabilities to develop themed games based on major entertainment brands. Their 1993 slot broke new ground as the first branded slot machine.

Prior slots mostly featured generic themes like fruits, 7s, and diamonds. Using major franchises expanded the scope for themed slots tremendously. Players loved spinning their favorite shows and movies on the reels.

Other big entertainment brands IGT adapted early on included The Addams Family, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Battleship, and The Price is Right. Their ability to license popular IPs and convert them into compelling slots ushered in a new era of themed gaming.

3. Wide Area Progressives

IGT’s wide area progressive jackpot systems completely reinvented slots payout potential. Their Megabucks game launched in 1986 as the industry’s first wide-area progressive.

It linked Megabucks slots across multiple casinos to the same centralized jackpot. A tiny portion of every bet fed the pooled jackpot. This allowed the top prize to quickly escalate into seven-figure sums from a maximum $3 wager.

IGT later expanded wide area progressives to other popular games like Wheel of Fortune, starting a jackpot revolution copied by countless other developers.

The slot paid a record $39.7 million jackpot in 2003, dramatically impacting slots entertainment.

4. Networked Slots

In the 1990s, IGT pioneered new systems to connect slots on a casino network for remote monitoring and control. Their EZ Pay system enabled cashless ticketing for slots by tracking credits electronically versus coins.

IGT soon created additional infrastructure allowing every machine’s performance and accounting data to be extracted in real-time. Staff could access vital statistics like coin-in, RTP, faults, play duration, and peak times for all slots from a back-end dashboard.

Networking technology allowed unprecedented oversight of slots operations and quickly became integral to casino management. IGT enabled deeper game analysis, streamlined tech support, and reduced downtime through live connections to the slots floor.

5. Player Tracking

Alongside networking advancements, IGT developed some of the first player tracking systems in the 1980s. Their systems used loyalty cards inserted into machines to identify individual players.

Customized data like play duration, average bet, games played, and coin-in was tracked in real-time. This gave casinos powerful player insights and metrics to utilize. Comps, rewards, and personalized promotions could be automated based on tracked play.

IGT player tracking provided the framework for modern casino loyalty programs. These systems now are crucial for nurturing repeat business and targeting promotions to customer profiles and preferences.

6. Interactive 3D Graphics

IGT’s expertise in computerized gaming allowed them to maximize graphics capabilities over the decades. In recent years, they incorporated interactive 3D animations to achieve a new level of immersion for slots.

Some of these games showcased the life-like depth and seamless integration of IGT masters with 3D elements. Vivid character animations and environmental physics pull players into the gameplay.

As slots moved beyond 2D, IGT capitalized on emerging graphics technologies to provide cinematic animation with real-time rendering. Their push for rich interactive 3D graphics drives greater realism and engagement as gaming moves into new frontiers.

7. Skill-Based Gaming

IGT strives to attract millennials and new demographics through innovation. One solution they pioneered is skill-based slots that blend chance with video game elements requiring skill.

You can tell that some of these games incorporate adjustable difficulty, interactive bonuses with decision-making, and various unlockable challenges. This skill component provides additional control versus pure chance slots.

Best IGT Slots Games 2024

Game Type Theme
Siberian Storm Video Wildlife
Cleopatra Video Ancient Egypt
Wolf Run Video Wildlife
Star Lanterns Video Asian
Fortune Coin Video Ancient China
Da Vinci Diamonds Video Art
Golden Goddess Video Fantasy
Mayan Treasures Video Mayan
Pixies of the Forest II Video Fantasy
Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin Video Game show

Free IGT Slot Machines

The good news is IGT allows free play access to many of their most popular slots.

Online and mobile casinos often carry IGT titles in demo mode alongside real money versions. There are some free IGT slots commonly available.

You simply load the game you want to try and start spinning using virtual demo credits rather than real cash. This allows you to fully experience the sights and sounds, evaluate volatility and bonus frequency, and decide if you like the gameplay before playing for actual stakes.

IGT slot games within social casinos provide another avenue for free play access on mobile. While simplified, their social slots emulate real money versions using virtual credits.

For example, social casinos offer streamlined versions of classic IGT titles.

The only limitation with free play is the inability to win actual money payouts. But playing purely for entertainment is perfect for understanding slots workings, developing strategies, and enjoying IGT’s extensive catalog risk-free. Free IGT slots give you everything except real bets and payouts.

When transitioning to real money slots, look for regulated gambling sites granting free play options. Reputable operators like BetMGM, FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars, and Golden Nugget all host IGT slots in both demo and paid versions.

This allows easy switching between modes. Many also offer signup bonuses to play featured IGT slots for real money using bonus funds.

By providing avenues to sample top titles at no cost, IGT generously spreads slots excitement to more players. Their dedication to free play options ensures budget or risk tolerance never interferes with experiencing amazing slots entertainment.

Where to Play IGT Slots

IGT slots are globally popular and found on casino floors worldwide. In the US, hotspots list of IGT slot machines include Vegas casinos like Bellagio, Caesars Palace, the Venetian, MGM Grand, Golden Nugget, and Wynn for extensive selections. Casinos across Atlantic City also heavily feature IGT slots.

Regional tribal casinos like those in Connecticut and California often highlight IGT slots among their top attractions. Major statewide lotteries also provide access to IGT slots at retail venues.

For online play in the US, IGT slots are common among regulated gambling sites in states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Operators like BetMGM, Caesars, FanDuel, DraftKings, and Golden Nugget host large selections of real money IGT slots. These same sites also offer free play demos on IGT classics.

Offshore sites provide another avenue for playing IGT slots online for those in non-regulated US states. However, beware of unlicensed casinos and ensure proper certification before signing up. Stick to reputable operators.

In Canada, provincial online gambling sites like PlayAlberta offer real money IGT slots. Live casinos across major cities also carry IGT slots. The UK, Europe, and Australia also see heavy IGT presence both online and in-person.

Essentially, IGT slots are globally renowned and featured by casinos across land-based and internet platforms. Their sustained popularity across decades and continents demonstrates the universal appeal of IGT's engaging slots experiences that keep players coming back.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve covered some ground on the topic, so it’s normal you want answers to some questions running through your mind.

How to change payout on IGT slot machine?

To change the payout on an IGT slot machine, access the settings menu of the machine using the key or touchscreen, navigate to the payout options, and from there adjust the percentages towards the desired outcome.

Do IGT slots pay better at certain casinos?

Payout percentages are configured equally across all venues. No single casino provides better IGT slots odds. Where you play comes down to personal preferences for casino amenities, rewards programs, and deposit options. What is boot chip for in IGT slot? In an IGT slot machine, the boot chip serves the role of initializing and running the software system of the machine so that it can function normally as well as ensures the software complies with gaming regulation.

Are there any tips or tricks for winning on IGT slots?

There are no secret tips or tricks that can guarantee wins on IGT slots. They use certified random number generators to ensure fair results. The best strategy is to set a gambling budget and stick to it, use bonuses wisely, choose games with higher return-to-player percentages, and avoid chasing losses.

Do IGT slots have better odds than other brands?

IGT slots adhere to the same regulated return-to-player (RTP) percentages as slots from other manufacturers. Their games span a similar RTP range from around 92% to 96%. While individual titles may sometimes pay out more than competitors' games, on average IGT slots do not have better odds overall compared to slots from Scientific Games, Aristocrat, or other brands. The odds primarily come down to each game's math model and volatility.


IGT slots have remained outstanding among the rest as a leader in developing the best and most innovative slot machines.

From the first mechanical IGT machines through the greater innovation of today's advanced video slots where the player still benefits from continued innovation inspired by great slots tradition. Their use of creativity and technology has paved the way for player-favorite features like bonus rounds, expanding wilds and branded themes based on popular movies, TV shows, and celebrities.

As a company that loves innovation while also staying true to delivering great slots entertainment, IGT's creative studios are providing a catalogue offering thousands of dozens of games that have something to offer just about anyone. Whether you prefer classic 3-reel slots or modern 5-reel video slots, IGT has something exciting to offer.

With a reliable track record of mega-jackpots, innovations at every level and high brand recall, IGT slots shall continue to rule the roost in the foreseeable future and beyond.