Planet of the Apes Slot Review

In this Planet of the Apes slot review, we dive into one of NetEnt's most ambitious projects, inspired by the iconic film series. This game stands out with its dual-reel structure, effectively combining elements from both the Rise and Dawn movies into a single, engaging experience. With rich graphics and immersive soundtracks, it aims to captivate fans and newcomers alike, promising both entertainment and potential rewards.

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Slot Overview: A Cinematic Journey with the Apes

Released on October 23, 2017, the Planet of the Apes slot by NetEnt offers a unique gaming experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional slot games. Drawing inspiration from the critically acclaimed film series, this slot beautifully captures the essence of the Planet of the Apes saga through its innovative design and thematic depth. The game is a visual spectacle, set against the backdrop of the contrasting worlds of the Rise and Dawn movies, embodied within its novel dual-reel system.

NetEnt, a provider known for its high-quality graphics and engaging gameplay, has meticulously crafted each aspect of the slot to reflect the movie's thematic elements. The reels are populated with characters from the films, alongside symbols that resonate with the struggle between humans and apes. The game’s design does more than just pay homage to the movies; it immerses players in the ongoing conflict and the quest for dominance over Earth.

The slot's ambiance is further enriched by a dynamic soundtrack that echoes the tension and drama of the cinematic series. The attention to detail in the animations and sound effects ensures that each spin is not only a chance to win but also an opportunity to relive the epic narrative of the Planet of the Apes.

Planet of the Apes Game

The slot features a standard 5x3 layout on each side, making it essentially two games in one. Players can adjust their bet levels and coin values before spinning the reels, with the option to use the Autoplay function for a predetermined number of spins. Winning combinations are formed by matching symbols across the 20 paylines on each reel set, from left to right.

Special symbols play a crucial role in navigating the battle for Earth. Wild symbols can substitute for other symbols to form winning combinations, while Scatter symbols trigger the slot's bonus features. The game boasts several unique features, including the Rise and Dawn Free Spins, which are activated by landing three or more Scatter symbols on either side of the reel. Each set of free spins offers distinct rules and rewards, reflecting the contrasting narratives of the two movies.

Additionally, the game features the Dual Feature, which selects one symbol from each side at the beginning of a spin. If the selected symbols land in their respective areas, they stick, potentially leading to significant payouts. This innovative mechanic not only pays homage to the duality of the Planet of the Apes saga but also adds a layer of strategic depth to the slot experience.

Gameplay Mechanics: Unraveling the Struggle for Supremacy

The Planet of the Apes slot by NetEnt intricately weaves the essence of the films into its gameplay mechanics, offering players a chance to immerse themselves in the epic saga through its engaging features. The dual-reel design is not just a visual gimmick; it's central to the game's strategy, allowing for a variety of unique gameplay experiences that reflect the complex narrative of human and ape conflict.


The symbols in the game are divided between the two sides, Rise and Dawn, with each set reflecting characters and themes from the respective movies. High-value symbols are represented by key characters from the films, ensuring that fans will instantly recognize their favorite protagonists and antagonists. Lower-value symbols are designed to match the aesthetic of each movie's universe, with different designs for the Rise and Dawn sides to maintain the thematic dichotomy.

Symbol TypeDescription
Wild SymbolSubstitutes for all symbols except Scatter and Bonus symbols, aiding in forming winning combinations.
Scatter SymbolTriggers Free Spin features when three or more appear on either reel set.
Bonus SymbolActivates additional game features unique to each reel set, enhancing the gameplay with special mechanics.

Free Spin Bonus

The Planet of the Apes slot features two distinct Free Spin bonuses, each tied to one of the game's reel sets:

  • Rise Free Spins: Triggered by landing three or more Rise Scatter symbols, this feature awards a set number of free spins, during which players can accumulate wild symbols for a final wild burst at the end.

  • Dawn Free Spins: Similarly, landing three or more Dawn Scatter symbols activates this feature, where players can transform symbols into one kind for higher payout potential and additional spins.

These bonuses not only add depth to the game but also serve to further immerse players in the narrative, offering them a stake in the outcome of the struggle between humans and apes.

Max/Min Bet

The betting range in Planet of the Apes accommodates both casual players and high rollers, ensuring that the game is accessible to a wide audience. The minimum bet is set at a modest entry point, allowing players to engage with the game without a significant outlay, while the maximum bet is designed for those seeking to maximize their potential returns from the dual-reel system.

Bet TypeAmount
Minimum Bet€0.20
Maximum Bet€200

This range ensures that players of all budgets can experience the thrill of the game, whether they're aiming to relive the cinematic journey or in pursuit of substantial wins. The flexibility in betting adds a strategic layer to the gameplay, allowing players to adjust their risk according to their personal preferences and play style.

RTP, Variance, and Winning Potential: The Odds in the Battle for Survival

In the enthralling universe of the Planet of the Apes slot, the dynamics of RTP (Return to Player), variance, and winning potential play a pivotal role in shaping the player's experience. With an RTP set at 96.33%, this game positions itself above the industry average, offering a fair balance between the frequency of wins and the payout amounts. This relatively high RTP is a testament to NetEnt's commitment to providing players with a rewarding gaming experience, mirroring the balance between risk and reward that is thematic in the dual narratives of the Planet of the Apes saga.

The game's variance, or volatility, is designed to complement the cinematic tension inherent in the storyline, providing a gameplay experience that is both thrilling and unpredictable. Players can expect a mix of smaller wins that keep the action going, along with the possibility of significant payouts that can arise from the game's unique features, such as the dual-reel system and the rich array of free spins and bonus mechanisms.

The winning potential in Planet of the Apes is significant, reflecting the high stakes of the humans versus apes conflict. While the game does not promise easy wins, the strategic use of its features, combined with a bit of luck, can lead to substantial rewards. The integration of thematic elements into the game mechanics ensures that each spin can be a step towards victory, mirroring the epic struggle for dominance over Earth depicted in the films.

In summary, the RTP, variance, and winning potential in the Planet of the Apes slot are finely tuned to offer an engaging and potentially lucrative gaming experience, set against the backdrop of one of cinema's most compelling narratives.

Tips and Strategies: Mastering the Art of Ape Warfare

Venturing into the dual worlds of the Planet of the Apes slot requires not just luck but also a strategic approach to maximize your chances of emerging victorious in the battle for Earth. Here are some tactics to enhance your gameplay:

  1. Understand the Dual-Reel System: Familiarize yourself with how the two sets of reels—Rise and Dawn—function independently and together. This understanding is crucial for making informed bets and for anticipating the game's unique features.

  2. Manage Your Bankroll: Given the game's variance, it's wise to manage your funds judiciously. Adjust your bet sizes in accordance with your overall budget, ensuring that you can sustain longer gameplay sessions to hit the more significant features.

  3. Capitalize on Bonus Features: The free spins and dual features are pivotal for high winnings. Keep an eye out for Scatter symbols on both reel sets, and aim to trigger the bonus rounds, as these can substantially increase your payout potential.

  4. Play for Fun First: If possible, try the game in demo mode before wagering real money. This practice session allows you to get a feel for the game's mechanics and features without any financial risk.

By adopting these strategies, players can navigate the intricate gameplay of the Planet of the Apes slot more effectively, enhancing both their enjoyment and potential for success in this cinematic slot adventure.

Innovative dual-reel system that enhances gameplay
High-quality graphics and sound that reflect the movie's theme
Multiple bonus features, including free spins and special symbols
Above-average RTP of 96.33% offers a fair chance of winning
Complex game mechanics may be intimidating for new players
High variance can lead to longer periods without wins
Requires a larger bankroll to sustain play through dry spells
Thematic focus might not appeal to players unfamiliar with the Planet of the Apes franchise

Final Thoughts on Planet of the Apes Slot

The Planet of the Apes slot by NetEnt is a masterful blend of cinematic storytelling and innovative slot mechanics, making it a standout title in the online casino world. Its dual-reel system, engaging bonus features, and faithful adherence to the movie's theme offer a unique gaming experience that appeals to both fans of the franchise and slot enthusiasts seeking something out of the ordinary. With an above-average RTP and high variance, it promises both excitement and the potential for significant wins. While the complexity of its gameplay and thematic focus might not suit everyone, the game's visual and auditory fidelity, coupled with its strategic depth, ensure that it remains a compelling option for those looking to immerse themselves in an epic narrative battle. The Planet of the Apes slot is not just a game; it's an adventure.


What is the RTP of the Planet of the Apes slot?
The RTP (Return to Player) of the Planet of the Apes slot is 96.33%, which is above the industry average, offering players a fair chance of winning.
Can I play the Planet of the Apes slot for free?
Yes, many online casinos and gaming platforms offer a demo version of the Planet of the Apes slot, allowing players to try the game for free before betting real money.
What makes the Planet of the Apes slot unique?
The Planet of the Apes slot stands out due to its innovative dual-reel system, which features two sets of reels (Rise and Dawn) that operate independently and together, offering a unique gaming experience. The game also boasts high-quality graphics and multiple bonus features related to the movie themes.
How do the bonus features work in the Planet of the Apes slot?
The slot includes several bonus features, such as free spins, special symbols like Wilds and Scatters, and unique game mechanics like the Dual Feature. Free spins are activated by landing Scatter symbols, with separate free spin modes for the Rise and Dawn reels, each offering different rewards and gameplay enhancements.
What is the maximum win in the Planet of the Apes slot?
The maximum win potential of the Planet of the Apes slot varies, as it depends on the combination of symbols landed, the activation of bonus features, and the size of the player's bet. However, the game offers substantial winning potential, especially through its bonus features and dual-reel system.
Is the Planet of the Apes slot suitable for high rollers?
Yes, with a maximum bet of €200, the Planet of the Apes slot caters to high rollers seeking to place larger bets. The game's high variance and significant winning potential make it appealing for players looking for substantial payouts.