Mercy of the Gods Slot Review

In this Mercy of the Gods slot review, we delve into the progressive jackpot game developed by NetEnt, launched with much anticipation in May 2019. Building on the success of Divine Fortune, Mercy of the Gods offers players an intriguing journey through ancient Egypt, differing in theme but bearing resemblance in gameplay and bonus features. It distinguishes itself with enhanced base game potential and a slightly more volatile nature. With its captivating graphics and compatibility across various devices, the game promises an engaging experience for both new and seasoned slot enthusiasts.

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Slot Overview: A Journey Through Time to Ancient Egypt

Released on May 16, 2019, by the renowned game provider NetEnt, Mercy of the Gods takes players on a mesmerizing adventure to the heart of ancient civilizations. This slot beautifully encapsulates the essence of Egypt's rich history and mythology, inviting players to explore the mysteries that lie within its ancient tombs and temples.

From the very first spin, players are greeted with striking visuals that boast NetEnt's attention to detail and dedication to creating immersive gaming experiences. The reels are set against the backdrop of a majestic Egyptian temple, complete with towering pillars adorned with hieroglyphics and a sky that transitions from the golden hues of dusk to the deep blues of twilight.

The symbols themselves are a testament to the game's theme, featuring iconic representations of ancient Egyptian culture such as the Eye of Horus, sacred scarabs, and the god Horus in falcon form. The highest paying symbol, the intrepid female adventurer, further adds to the narrative, embodying the spirit of exploration and discovery.

Mercy of the Gods not only captivates with its design but also with its soundtrack, which is evocative of the mystique and grandeur of the ancient world. As players delve deeper into the game, they are enveloped in an atmosphere that is both thrilling and mysterious, enhancing the overall experience of uncovering the treasures that await within the sands of time.

How to Play: Unraveling the Secrets of the Gods

Diving into Mercy of the Gods requires understanding the basic yet engaging mechanics that dictate the flow of this ancient adventure. Set across 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 fixed paylines, the goal is to land matching symbols across these lines, starting from the leftmost reel. The gameplay is intuitive, making it accessible to both novices and experienced slot players who seek the treasures of the Egyptian gods.

Before embarking on this journey, players must select their bet level and coin value, tailoring the game to their individual preferences and bankroll. Once set, hitting the spin button starts the exploration into the heart of ancient Egypt. The auto-play function offers a seamless experience, allowing players to set a predetermined number of spins, sit back, and watch the action unfold.

Symbols play a crucial role in the game's narrative and payouts. The high-value symbols, including the female adventurer, the falcon god Horus, and other iconic Egyptian motifs, offer substantial rewards when aligned. Lower-value symbols are represented by traditional card suits, stylized to fit the ancient theme. The wild symbols, which can substitute for all other symbols except scatters and bonus symbols, enhance winning combinations and trigger the game's unique features.

The game shines with its special features like the Gift of Life Re-spins, where wilds nudge down the reels with each spin, offering additional chances to win. Landing three or more scatter symbols unleashes the divine power of free spins, where wilds expand, covering the entire reel and activating the Gift of Life Re-spins. The ultimate pursuit lies in unlocking the Gift of Wealth Jackpot game by collecting bonus symbols, where players can win one of the three progressive jackpots, culminating in the game's most coveted treasure.

Gameplay Mechanics: Deciphering the Enigmas of Ancient Slots

Mercy of the Gods immerses players in a gameplay experience that is as rich and layered as the ancient Egyptian civilization itself. The game mechanics are designed to engage players with a blend of traditional slot elements and innovative features that elevate the gaming experience. Below, we explore the core aspects of the game, including its symbols, the free spin bonus round, and the betting options available to players.


The symbols in Mercy of the Gods are carefully crafted to resonate with the theme of ancient Egypt, with each symbol offering a glimpse into the mythology and artifacts of the time. Here is a brief overview of the key symbols:

  • High-Value Symbols: The most coveted symbol is the Female Adventurer, promising adventure and high rewards. Following her are the symbols of Horus Falcon, Scarab & Cobras, and Tutankhamun, each bringing its own story and value to the reels.
  • Low-Value Symbols: The Card Suit symbols, adorned with Egyptian flair, represent the lower end of the paytable but are no less important in crafting winning combinations.
  • Wild Symbols: Essential for unlocking the game’s features, the Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter and Bonus symbols, playing a pivotal role in both the base game and bonus rounds.

Free Spin Bonus

The Free Spin Bonus in Mercy of the Gods is triggered by landing three or more Eye of Horus scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. The number of free spins awarded is dependent on the number of scatters:

Scatters Free Spins
3 5
4 8
5 12

During the free spins, any Wild symbol that lands on the reels expands to cover the entire reel and activates the Gift of Life Re-spins, enhancing the potential for substantial wins.

Max/Min Bet

Mercy of the Gods caters to a wide range of players, from those who prefer cautious stakes to high rollers seeking the thrill of significant bets. The minimum bet is set at $0.20, allowing for an accessible entry point for all players. On the other end, the maximum bet reaches up to $100 per spin, opening the door for those looking to harness the game's full potential for large payouts. This range ensures that the game is inclusive, providing an engaging experience regardless of one's budget.

Bet Type Amount ($)
Minimum 0.20
Maximum 100

Through its blend of immersive symbols, exciting free spin bonuses, and flexible betting options, Mercy of the Gods offers a gameplay experience that is both rewarding and captivating. As players delve deeper into the mysteries of ancient Egypt, they find not only the chance for treasure but also a slot experience that stands the test of time.

RTP, Variance, and Winning Potential: Decoding the Treasures of the Pharaohs

In the heart of the ancient world, where gods ruled and myths were born, Mercy of the Gods offers players a glimpse into the potential riches hidden within. With an RTP (Return to Player) of 97.35%, this slot stands out as a beacon for those seeking favorable odds in their quest for treasure. This elevated RTP signifies a generous return over time, suggesting that the gods of ancient Egypt might just be looking favorably upon modern-day adventurers.

The variance of Mercy of the Gods is equally pivotal in understanding the gameplay dynamics. Falling into the high variance category, it promises a gameplay experience filled with thrilling highs and lows. This high variance means that while wins may not occur as frequently, the potential for significant payouts is much higher when they do. It's a testament to the slot's design that it can offer moments of intense excitement as players wait for the reels to reveal their fortune.

Winning potential in Mercy of the Gods is closely tied to its variance and RTP. The high variance ensures that when wins come, they can be of a substantial nature, often through the game's special features like free spins, wild nudges, and the coveted jackpot bonus game. The game's structure, with its engaging mechanics and high RTP, positions it as an attractive option for those chasing big wins. In essence, Mercy of the Gods is not just a journey through ancient Egypt, but a quest for the kind of riches that could rival those of the pharaohs themselves.

Tips and Strategies: Navigating the Sands of Fortune

Embarking on a quest through Mercy of the Gods, armed with wisdom as ancient as the pyramids themselves, can enhance your journey towards the treasures that lie hidden beneath. Here, we share some strategies and insights to help guide you through the mystic reels and toward the favor of the Egyptian deities.

  1. Understand the Paytable: Knowledge is power. Familiarize yourself with the game's symbols, especially the high-value ones and the wilds, to better anticipate game-changing spins.

  2. Manage Your Bankroll: High variance slots like Mercy of the Gods can have periods of dry spells followed by significant wins. Adjust your bets accordingly and ensure your bankroll can withstand the adventure.

  3. Leverage Free Spins: The free spins feature is a gateway to substantial rewards, especially with expanding wilds. Aim to trigger this feature for a chance at lucrative payouts.

  4. Play for Fun First: Utilize the demo version to acquaint yourself with the game mechanics without risking real money. This practice run can provide invaluable insight into how the features unfold.

  5. Patience is Key: The high variance nature means wins may come less frequently, but with patience, significant treasures can be unearthed. Stay the course, and let the journey unfold as it may, for the ancient gods may just reward those who endure.

High RTP of 97.35%
Expanding wilds and re-spins enhance gameplay
Free spins feature with potential for big wins
Progressive jackpot offering substantial payouts
High variance may deter some players due to less frequent wins
Similar features to other slots, lacking in originality
May require a significant bankroll to sustain play until big wins
The Egyptian theme is common and might not appeal to players seeking unique themes

Final Verdict on Mercy of the Gods

Mercy of the Gods by NetEnt is a captivating journey into the heart of ancient Egypt, offering a blend of mystique, adventure, and the chance for significant rewards. With its high RTP, engaging gameplay mechanics, and the allure of a progressive jackpot, this slot stands as a testament to NetEnt's ability to craft games that resonate with players on multiple levels. While the high variance might pose a challenge for some, it also adds to the excitement, making every win feel like a treasure unearthed. The game's design, from the thematic symbols to the immersive soundtrack, enriches the experience, making Mercy of the Gods a memorable expedition into the ancient past. Whether you're drawn by the potential for big wins, the thrill of the gameplay, or the charm of its Egyptian theme, Mercy of the Gods promises an adventure worth taking.


5 x80
4 x5.5
3 x2
5 x60
4 x5
3 x1.8
5 x45
4 x4.5
3 x1.6
5 x35
4 x4
3 x1.4
5 x3.5
4 x0.9
3 x0.6
5 x3
4 x0.8
3 x0.5
5 x2.5
4 x0.7
3 x0.4
5 x2
4 x0.6
3 x0.3


What is the RTP of Mercy of the Gods?
The RTP for Mercy of the Gods is 97.35%, which is above average for most slot games, indicating a generous return to players over time.
Can I play Mercy of the Gods for free?
Yes, Mercy of the Gods offers a demo version that allows you to play for free. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics and features without risking real money.
What makes Mercy of the Gods stand out among other Egyptian-themed slots?
Mercy of the Gods stands out due to its high RTP, engaging gameplay mechanics such as expanding wilds and re-spins, a free spins feature with substantial win potential, and a progressive jackpot. These features combine to offer a thrilling gaming experience.
Is there a strategy to win in Mercy of the Gods?
While slots are games of chance and outcomes cannot be predicted, some strategies can enhance your playing experience. These include managing your bankroll effectively, taking advantage of the free spins feature, and playing the demo version to understand the game before wagering real money. Remember, patience is key due to the high variance nature of the game.