Land of Zenith Slot Review

In our Land of Zenith slot review, we dive into the depths of a high-volatility, steampunk-themed adventure created by Push Gaming. This captivating slot game features an innovative 6-reel, 30 win ways setup that invites players to explore an imaginative world filled with mysterious mechanisms and sky-high potential payouts. The unique Disc Mechanism triggers intriguing base game features, while the Hypermode Bonus Round offers a dynamic twist on free spins, propelling players towards winnings of up to 21,003x their stake. Join us as we unravel the secrets and mechanics behind the Land of Zenith slot, showcasing its artistic brilliance and gameplay innovation.

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Land of Zenith Attributes

Slot Overview: A Glimpse into the Gears and Glamour of Steampunk

Embark on a journey through the innovative realms of steampunk with Land of Zenith, a slot game that melds the intrigue of gem-encrusted skies with the mechanical marvels of a bygone era. Released on February 26, 2021, by the renowned game provider Push Gaming, this slot is a testament to the creative prowess and meticulous craftsmanship synonymous with their name. The game unfolds within a beautifully designed, steampunk-themed universe, where players navigate through an aerial world of floating islands, ornate airships, and intricate machinery.

The visuals of Land of Zenith are a feast for the eyes, characterized by detailed artwork and a rich palette of colors that bring the fantastical steampunk world to life. The backdrop of the game features sky cities and mechanical islands suspended in the ether, complemented by reels adorned with symbols that fuse the mechanical with the mystical. This slot not only captivates with its theme but also immerses players in an environment where every spin unravels part of its enigmatic story.

Push Gaming has seamlessly integrated the essence of steampunk into every aspect of Land of Zenith, from the ornate design of the disc mechanism to the whimsical characters and symbols that populate the reels. The result is a gaming experience that is not just about the potential for significant wins but also about an appreciation for storytelling and design excellence.

Land of Zenith Game

The heart of Land of Zenith's gameplay lies in its innovative Disc Trigger Mechanism, a unique feature that sets this slot apart from conventional offerings. Positioned prominently beside the reels, this intricate disc consists of three segments, each moving independently when clockwise and anti-clockwise Turner symbols land on reels 2, 4, and 6. Aligning the grooves of these segments triggers the game's distinctive features, leading players into uncharted territories of bonuses and rewards.

The Bouncing Mystery feature is triggered when the disc's segments align perfectly, releasing a glowing orb that bounces across the reels, creating mystery symbols that can transform into any other symbol, potentially unlocking lucrative payouts. Meanwhile, the anticipation builds as players hope to align the segments when the disc turns golden, initiating the exhilarating Hypermode Free Spins round. Unlike traditional free spins, this mode races against the clock, granting 20 seconds of rapid play. Each wild symbol landed not only increases the pace of the reels but also fills a meter that can extend the round, offering a thrilling chase for extraordinary wins.

In Land of Zenith, every spin is a step through a meticulously crafted world, where the blend of steampunk aesthetics and innovative gameplay mechanics creates an unforgettable slot experience.

Gameplay Mechanics: Delving Deeper into the Cogs and Marvels of Land of Zenith

Land of Zenith is a slot machine game with an enchanting fantasy theme. Players spin the reels attempting to line up matching symbols across the paylines to earn prizes and activate bonus features.


In the fantastical world of Land of Zenith, each symbol intricately blends the essence of steampunk with the allure of hidden treasures. Players will find a rich tapestry of icons, from the lower-valued, finely etched gears and compasses to the higher-valued characters that tell the story of this aerial adventure. Among the most coveted symbols are the sky pirates and mythical creatures, adorned in steampunk attire, offering higher payouts. The wild symbol, represented by a golden gear, stands in for all regular symbols to aid in forming winning combinations, while the scatter symbol triggers the game's unique features.

Free Spin Bonus

The Free Spin Bonus in Land of Zenith is unlike any other, offering a thrilling Hypermode Free Spins round. Triggered when the disc mechanism aligns during a golden spin, players are not granted a set number of spins but rather 20 seconds of action-packed gameplay. The pace of the spins increases with each wild symbol landed, further extended by filling the Retrigger Meter. This not only prolongs the exhilarating experience but also enhances the chances of amassing significant wins, especially as low-value symbols are progressively removed from the reels, leaving only the most valuable symbols and wilds.

Max/Min Bet

Land of Zenith caters to a wide array of players, from those who prefer cautious stakes to high rollers seeking the thrill of substantial bets. The game offers a minimum bet of $0.10, allowing players to dive into this steampunk adventure without breaking the bank. On the other end of the spectrum, the maximum bet stands at a robust $100, providing an opportunity for those looking to maximize their potential returns from the intricate world of gears and gems.

Feature Detail
Minimum Bet $0.10
Maximum Bet $100
Wild Symbol Golden Gear
Scatter Symbol Disc Mechanism (Triggers Free Spins)
Free Spin Bonus Hypermode Free Spins with Increasing Pace

Land of Zenith's gameplay mechanics are a masterful blend of traditional slot elements and innovative features that keep players engaged. The game's unique approach to the free spin bonus, combined with a versatile betting range, ensures that each spin can lead to a new discovery within this captivating steampunk universe. The careful balance between visual storytelling and dynamic gameplay mechanics invites players to immerse themselves in a world where every spin propels the narrative forward, unveiling new chapters in the saga of Land of Zenith.

RTP, Variance, and Winning Potential: The Engine's Core of Land of Zenith

In the intricate world of Land of Zenith, the Return to Player (RTP) stands at an impressive 97.35%, offering a beacon of light through the misty skies of the steampunk universe. This generous RTP is a testament to the game's design, aiming to provide players with a fair and rewarding experience as they navigate through the gears and gadgets of this imaginative adventure.

The variance of Land of Zenith is set to high, meaning that while wins may not come as frequently as in lower variance games, the potential for significant payouts is substantially higher. This level of variance is well-suited for players who revel in the anticipation and excitement of chasing those grand, life-changing wins, making every spin a thrilling venture into the unknown.

As for the winning potential, Land of Zenith does not shy away from offering players the chance to achieve monumental victories. The game's design and bonus features work in harmony to create opportunities for staggering wins, aligning with the adventurous spirit and high stakes of the steampunk world. Players who are willing to navigate the volatility may find themselves rewarded with riches beyond their wildest dreams, further enhancing the allure of this captivating slot experience.

Tips and Strategies: Navigating the Aerial Labyrinths of Land of Zenith

Embarking on the steampunk adventure that is Land of Zenith, players should arm themselves with strategies as meticulously crafted as the game's intricate mechanisms. One key strategy is to manage your bankroll with the precision of a skyship captain. Given the high variance nature of the game, it's crucial to adjust your bets according to your budget, ensuring a longer gameplay that increases your chances of triggering the lucrative bonus features.

Understanding the mechanics behind the Disc Trigger and the Hypermode Free Spins is another cornerstone of a successful strategy. Observing how these features activate and affect the gameplay can help in anticipating their occurrences and adjusting bets accordingly.

Lastly, it's essential to play within your limits and treat the game as a form of entertainment. The unpredictability of high variance slots like Land of Zenith means that wins can be significant but sporadic. Patience is vital, as is maintaining a level of enjoyment that doesn't solely hinge on the outcome of each spin. Steer your airship with care, and let the journey through the clouds be an exhilarating experience, win or lose.

High RTP of 97.35%
Unique steampunk theme with immersive graphics and design
Innovative gameplay features, including the Disc Trigger Mechanism and Hypermode Free Spins
Significant winning potential with high variance
High variance may not suit all players, especially those looking for frequent wins
Complexity of game mechanics may be overwhelming for some players
No progressive jackpot, which might deter players seeking massive jackpot wins
Limited base game features can make the main game feel repetitive while waiting for bonus rounds

Final Thoughts on Land of Zenith

Land of Zenith emerges as a distinctive slot game that successfully combines an enticing steampunk theme with innovative gameplay mechanics. Its high RTP and significant winning potential cater to those who appreciate a game with depth, both in narrative and in mechanical complexity. While the high variance might pose a challenge for some, it also opens the door to substantial rewards, making each spin a thrilling venture. The game's immersive graphics and unique features, such as the Disc Trigger Mechanism and Hypermode Free Spins, set it apart in a crowded marketplace, offering a fresh experience even for seasoned slot enthusiasts. Whether you're drawn in by the allure of steampunk aesthetics or the excitement of the chase for big wins, Land of Zenith provides a captivating world worth exploring.


6 x200
5 x75
4 x25
3 x7.5
5 x200
5 x75
4 x25
3 x7.5
6 x100
5 x25
4 x7.5
3 x3
6 x90
5 x22.5
4 x6
3 x2.5
6 x75
5 x20
4 x5
3 x2
6 x35
5 x12
4 x3
3 x1
6 x30
5 x10
4 x3
3 x1
6 x25
5 x9
4 x2.5
3 x1
6 x10
5 x3
4 x1
3 x0.3
6 x10
5 x3
4 x1
3 x0.3
6 x7.5
5 x2.5
4 x0.7
3 x0.2
6 x7.5
5 x2.5
4 x0.7
3 x0.2


What is the RTP of Land of Zenith?
The RTP (Return to Player) of Land of Zenith is 97.35%, which is above the industry average, offering players a fair chance at winning.
Can I play Land of Zenith on my mobile device?
Yes, Land of Zenith is optimized for mobile play. The game is built with HTML5 technology, making it compatible with most smartphones and tablets without compromising the quality or gameplay experience.
What is the maximum win in Land of Zenith?
The maximum win in Land of Zenith can reach up to 21,003 times your stake, providing players with the potential for substantial payouts.
How does the Hypermode Free Spins feature work?
The Hypermode Free Spins feature in Land of Zenith is triggered when the disc mechanism aligns during a golden spin. Instead of a set number of spins, players get 20 seconds of free spins with an increasing pace for each wild symbol landed. Filling the Retrigger Meter extends the round, offering a dynamic and exciting bonus experience.
Is Land of Zenith suitable for beginners?
While Land of Zenith comes with a high variance and complex game mechanics, its immersive theme and innovative features can still be enjoyed by beginners. However, new players might need some time to familiarize themselves with the game's unique aspects.
How do I trigger the bonus features in Land of Zenith?
Bonus features in Land of Zenith, such as the Bouncing Mystery feature and Hypermode Free Spins, are triggered by aligning the segments of the disc mechanism. This requires landing specific symbols on reels 2, 4, and 6 to manipulate the disc's segments into alignment.