Diamond Mine Slot Review

In our comprehensive Diamond Mine slot review, we delve into the heart of the mining theme, where players embark on a treasure hunt for sparkling diamonds. Developed by Blueprint Gaming, this slot combines adventure with the chance to uncover riches. With engaging graphics and a dynamic gameplay experience, Diamond Mine invites players to explore the depths of a virtual mine, where every spin can lead to unexpected rewards.

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Slot Overview: A Deep Dive into the Gem-Filled Mines

Released on May 1, 2018, by the renowned game provider Blueprint, the Diamond Mine slot takes players on an underground journey to unearth treasures hidden beneath the earth's surface. This game is set against the backdrop of a dusty mine, filled with gems and gold waiting to be discovered. The design and theme of Diamond Mine are meticulously crafted to immerse players in the life of a miner, complete with a soundtrack that echoes the sounds of picks striking against stone and the occasional rumble of the mine as it reveals its riches.

The reels are encased in a wooden structure, reminiscent of the supports used within mines to prevent collapses, adding an authentic touch to the game's atmosphere. Symbols on the reels include tools of the trade such as lanterns, shovels, and pickaxes, alongside more traditional symbols like diamonds, which are the stars of the show. The graphics are vibrant and colorful, bringing a sense of excitement and anticipation with each spin.

Blueprint has done an excellent job of blending the adventurous theme with engaging gameplay mechanics. The attention to detail in the design helps to transport players straight into the heart of a bustling mine, making each play session a unique adventure. As players dig deeper into the game, they uncover various features and bonuses, much like a miner striking a rich vein of ore, enhancing the overall experience and keeping the gameplay exciting and unpredictable.

Diamond Mine (Blueprint) Game

Diamond Mine operates on a cascading reels system, a dynamic feature where symbols that form winning combinations disappear, allowing new symbols to fall into their place. This can lead to multiple wins on a single spin, simulating the thrill of striking a rich vein of minerals. The game consists of 6 reels and offers an impressive 117,649 ways to win, thanks to the Megaways mechanic licensed from Big Time Gaming. This feature dynamically alters the number of symbols that appear on each reel during every spin, creating a constantly changing array of potential winning combinations.

Symbols on the reels include a mix of classic card values and thematic icons, with the latter offering higher payouts. Special symbols, such as the dynamite sticks acting as wilds, can substitute for other symbols to help form winning combinations, while the scatter symbols trigger the game's bonus feature. Landing four or more scatter symbols will activate a round of free spins, where players can benefit from an increasing multiplier for consecutive wins, further enhancing the potential for sizable payouts.

Understanding the rules of Diamond Mine is akin to learning the ropes of mining itself – it requires a bit of patience and exploration to fully grasp the depth of opportunities it offers. With each spin, players delve deeper into the mine, uncovering the game's rich features and potential for big wins.

Gameplay Mechanics: Digging Deeper into Diamond Mine's Features


In Diamond Mine, the symbols are a blend of classic card values and mining-themed icons, each with its own value and role in the gameplay. The card symbols (9, 10, J, Q, K, A) represent the lower-value symbols, while thematic symbols like lanterns, shovels, pickaxes, and miners offer higher payouts. The most coveted symbol is the diamond, offering the highest reward when landed in the right combination. Special symbols include:

  • Wild Symbol: Represented by sticks of dynamite, which can substitute for any symbol except the scatter, aiding in creating winning combinations.
  • Scatter Symbol: The sacks of gold symbolize the scatter. Landing four or more triggers the free spins feature, a gateway to substantial wins.

Free Spin Bonus

Triggering the Free Spin Bonus in Diamond Mine opens up a new layer of potential for players. Upon landing four scatter symbols, players are awarded a base of 12 free spins, with each additional scatter symbol adding 5 extra spins to the tally. During these free spins, an unlimited win multiplier comes into play, starting at 1x and increasing by 1 with each cascading win. This feature can significantly amplify winnings, especially when combined with the possibility of retriggering additional free spins by landing three or more scatter symbols during the bonus rounds.

Max/Min Bet

Diamond Mine caters to a wide range of players, from casual enthusiasts to serious high rollers, by offering a flexible betting range. The minimum bet starts at a modest $0.20, making it accessible for those on a tighter budget or looking to play for fun without risking substantial amounts. On the other end of the spectrum, the maximum bet is set at $100 per spin, appealing to players aiming for the high stakes and the thrill of potentially massive wins. This range ensures that Diamond Mine is a versatile slot game that can accommodate various playing styles and preferences.

Feature Details
Minimum Bet $0.20
Maximum Bet $100
Wild Symbol Dynamite sticks
Scatter Symbol Sacks of gold
Free Spins 12 base spins, +5 for each additional scatter
Win Multiplier Starts at 1x, increases with cascading wins

Diamond Mine's gameplay mechanics offer a dynamic and engaging experience, with features designed to enhance the excitement of each spin. The combination of cascading reels, an expansive number of ways to win, and the thrilling free spins bonus with its unlimited multiplier creates a game that keeps players on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next big discovery.

RTP, Variance, and Winning Potential: Uncovering the Value of Each Spin

Delving into the core of Diamond Mine's statistical landscape reveals an RTP (Return to Player) of 96.43%, positioning it favorably within the competitive landscape of online slots. This percentage indicates that, over a long stretch of gameplay, players can expect a return of $96.43 for every $100 wagered, a figure that stands as a testament to the game's fairness and potential for rewarding its players.

The slot operates on a high variance formula, which translates to a gameplay experience characterized by less frequent but larger wins. This level of variance is akin to the unpredictable nature of mining itself, where patience and perseverance can lead to striking gold or uncovering a valuable seam of diamonds. For players, this means that while wins may not occur on every spin, the potential for significant payouts is always just a spin away, adding an element of suspense and excitement to the game.

The winning potential in Diamond Mine is substantial, offering players the chance to achieve payouts that are multiple times their stake, especially during the free spins feature where the unlimited win multiplier can escalate winnings to impressive heights. This potential, combined with the game's engaging mechanics and high RTP, ensures that each venture into the mine can be both thrilling and rewarding. Players drawn to the allure of high variance slots will find Diamond Mine to be a particularly appealing prospect, offering both the thrill of the chase and the possibility of striking it rich with each spin.

Tips and Strategies: Navigating the Depths for Bigger Wins

Embarking on the adventure that Diamond Mine offers, it's wise to arm oneself with strategies that enhance the chances of uncovering the game's hidden treasures. First and foremost, understanding the game's high variance is key; patience is your ally. Anticipate periods where wins might be scarce, but know that the potential for substantial payouts exists, particularly with the game's bonus features.

Setting a budget before you start spinning is crucial. Given the unpredictable nature of mining, or in this case, spinning the reels, it's important to manage your bankroll effectively to ensure a sustained gameplay experience. Decide on a loss limit and a single win limit to protect your bankroll and secure profits.

Taking advantage of the free spins feature is another strategic move. Since the feature includes an unlimited win multiplier, triggering this bonus round can significantly increase your winning potential. While the occurrence of this feature is random, playing for longer sessions increases your chances of activating it.

Lastly, familiarize yourself with the paytable and game rules. Knowing which symbols offer the highest payouts and how to trigger bonus features can make your gameplay more strategic and rewarding. Remember, in the world of Diamond Mine, knowledge and patience are as valuable as the diamonds you're hoping to find.

High RTP of 96.43%
Exciting cascading reels feature
Unlimited win multiplier during free spins
Offers 117,649 ways to win with the Megaways mechanic
High variance may deter some players
Bonus features can be hard to trigger
Lacks a progressive jackpot
Can be too volatile for players with smaller bankrolls

Final Thoughts on Diamond Mine

Diamond Mine stands out as a shining example of Blueprint Gaming's ability to craft engaging and visually appealing slot games. With its high RTP, dynamic Megaways mechanic, and the thrilling potential of its free spins feature with an unlimited win multiplier, this game promises not only a fun gaming experience but also the opportunity for substantial rewards. Despite its high variance, which might deter some players, the excitement of potentially hitting a big win makes every spin worth the risk. Whether you're a seasoned player looking for a game with depth and high winning potential or a newcomer eager to explore the exciting features of modern slots, Diamond Mine offers a balanced mix of challenge, entertainment, and reward. As you dive into the depths of this mine, the promise of discovering hidden gems and striking it rich adds an extra layer of excitement to every play session.


6 x50
5 x25
4 x10
3 x5
2 x2
6 x7.5
5 x2.5
4 x2
3 x1
6 x2
5 x1.5
4 x1
3 x0.25
6 x2
5 x0.75
4 x0.5
3 x0.25
6 x1.75
5 x0.6
4 x0.4
3 x0.2
6 x1.75
5 x0.6
4 x0.4
3 x0.2
6 x1
5 x0.6
4 x0.25
3 x0.2
6 x1
5 x0.5
4 x0.25
3 x0.15
6 x0.9
5 x0.5
4 x0.25
3 x0.15
6 x0.8
5 x0.4
4 x0.2
3 x0.1


What is the RTP of Diamond Mine?
The RTP (Return to Player) for Diamond Mine is 96.43%, which is considered above average for online slot games.
Can I play Diamond Mine on my mobile device?
Yes, Diamond Mine is optimized for mobile play, allowing you to enjoy the game on both Android and iOS devices without compromising on the gaming experience.
How does the Megaways mechanic work in Diamond Mine?
The Megaways mechanic in Diamond Mine changes the number of symbols on each reel with every spin, offering up to 117,649 ways to win. This dynamic feature creates a varied gameplay experience with each spin.
Is there a free spins feature in Diamond Mine?
Yes, Diamond Mine features a free spins bonus round that is triggered by landing four or more scatter symbols. This round includes an unlimited win multiplier that increases with each cascading win, enhancing the potential for big payouts.
What is the maximum win in Diamond Mine?
While Diamond Mine does not specify a maximum win cap, the game's high variance and the unlimited multiplier during free spins suggest the potential for substantial payouts, especially for players who hit a streak of cascading wins.
Is Diamond Mine suitable for beginners?
Yes, despite its high variance, Diamond Mine is suitable for beginners due to its straightforward gameplay mechanics. However, beginners are advised to start with smaller bets to get a feel for the game's variance and bonus features.